Subspace 1.2

New Org

Subspace is now under the @embarklabs Org. Versions under @status-im Org have been deprecated.

# Using npm
npm install --save @embarklabs/subspace

# Using yarn
yarn add @embarklabs/subspace

HttpProvider support

Previously Subspace only worked with WebSockets for event subscriptions, and polled for changes only if the callInterval option was specified, displaying a warning indicating that the use of providers other than WebSocketProvider was discouraged.

With this release, Subspace will identify if the provider supports subscriptions and use them automatically. If no subscriptions are available, it will assume the provider does not support them and poll the contract for new changes periodically.

Subscriptions can be disabled with the disableSubscriptions option.

let subspace = new Subspace({disableSubscriptions: true})

GraphQL Example

An example DApp using GraphQL with Subspace can now be found at .

Bug fixes


Subspace and the entire Embark labs organization are open source. As such we welcome contributions and input from the community using the product.