Subspace 1.3

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New methods available to track blocks, gas price and blocktime


Returns the block information for any new block as soon as they are mined. It’s the reactive equivalent to web3.eth.getBlock("latest").

subspace.trackBlock().subscribe(block => console.log(block));


Returns the latest block number. It’s the reactive equivalent to web3.eth.getBlockNumber.

subspace.trackBlockNumber().subscribe(blockNumber => console.log(blockNumber));


Returns the current gas price oracle. It’s the reactive equivalent to web3.eth.getGasPrice.

subspace.trackGasPrice().subscribe(gasPrice => console.log(gasPrice));


Returns the moving average block time taking in account the latest 10 blocks. The time is returned in milliseconds:

subspace.trackAverageBlocktime().subscribe(blocktimeMS => console.log(blocktimeMS));

Bug fixes


Subspace and the entire Embark labs organization are open source. As such we welcome contributions and input from the community using the product.